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A Doctor's prescription is needed so that a physical or speech therapist can evaluate which class or classes best meet your needs.   Scroll down to learn more about our class challenge levels!

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    Class Levels

    3 different levels of challenge to get the right dose of exercise

    RED CLASS Physical Requirements: This is a high paced vigorous class designed to make you sweat. You must be comfortable getting up and down off the floor quickly. You must not have any major cardiac or orthopedic limitations. This class may involve advanced moves such as planks, and higher impact moves such as jumping, agility, and fast paced transitions!


    YELLOW CLASS Physical Requirements: This class will make you sweat, but the pace will be at a moderate intensity. You must be comfortable getting up and down off the floor with the use of your arms or a chair. This class will include low impact agility moves that will be kinder to your joints but still challenge your physicality!Red / Yellow Combo YOGA Class Physical Requirements: To be able to get down onto the floor and back up either with or without the use of a chair.Equipment: Yoga mats and bricks will be provided but for sanitation we are encouraging you to bring your own.


    GREEN CLASS Physical Requirements: This class will challenge your body and brain from a chair and in standing. There will be fewer transitions and no high impact skills, but we promise you will be tired when you leave!

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