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Participant Testimonials

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The free programming is very supportive and welcoming, and gives the participants the positive feeling that we are in this fight of our lives with others who are willing to help us and improve our outlook.


As newly diagnosed with Parkinson's, the program has introduced me to my new life in a way I could not have done on my own. Exercise is essential to my recovery and the therapists push my limits every session.


The program is specifically designed for Parkinson's because of the Pwr and LSVT Loud, and Yoga. The therapists/coaches that lead the classes know Parkinson's well. The combination of exercises is very well planned.


I can’t say enough about the wonderful programs at STARS that are sponsored by the Parkinson’s Foundation grant. They have made a tremendous difference in my quality of life. I am very grateful that these programs are available . We are very fortunate.


Great experiences with new friends especially dancing and sing out loud


This was an integrated holistic approach to living with PD. A sense of community was established between the therapists and participants. It has been a caring environment which touched on many modes of dealing with the disease.


The program has become an integrated part of my life


I’ve learned so much about Parkinson’s, how it is effecting me, and what I can do about it. It all gives me hope I can live a quality life for longer.


This is the best program in North Florida


A variety of classes that address Parkinson issues are available throughout the week because of this program. STARS is the place to be for fighting Parkinson’s.


Where I come from, there is nothing for Parkinsons' people . There is a nurse practitioner who I see twice a year for meds. When I came to Florida and discovered Stars Parksons center, I couldn't believe it. 3.5 miles to my house. The offerings of programs is so great. I love participating in the variety activities offered. I love the yoga and excise classes and the cognitive activities. As you know, PD is both physical and mental. We can use all the help we can get. Thanks


I sold my condo in Jacksonville in order to be near the free classes offered. My plans were executed and I've been thoroughly immersed in the classes that were offered!


The quality of life is reason enough to participate in these activities! Mine has improved exponentially! I’m grateful.

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